Great drinks for good people.


Want to know what makes Maine Root different? Take a sip.

That’s not high-fructose corn syrup you’re tasting. It’s 100% organic sugar cane, and it comes Fair Trade from our friends in Brazil. They farm our key ingredient, we support their hospitals and schools and you get to enjoy a variety of amazing refreshments. It’s a pretty sweet supply chain.

Back then, we just wanted a better root beer. Now, we’ve improved lemonade, ginger brew and sodas, too. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a Maine Root rookie, feel free to try all of our delicious concoctions. Fill your refrigerator. Throw some bottles in a cooler. Mix them with your favorite spirit. The only way to ruin one of our beverages is to not drink it.



Born in Maine.
Enjoyed everywhere.

Once upon a time, our founder Matt Seiler found himself slinging all-natural pizzas at Flatbread Company in Portland, Maine. Most everything he served was organic, except the sodas, so Matt went to work creating a delicious root beer without all the bad stuff. Today, Maine Root offers a variety of handcraft beverages – from ginger brews to lemonade – and is sold in over 7,500 locations worldwide.


Handcrafted with a conscience.

Our beverages are Fair Trade Certified, using 100% organic sugar cane from Brazil as the sweetener. This certification means our farmers are paid a premium for the hard work they put into our products. We show our appreciation by visiting them often and investing in building hospitals and schools in their communities.